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I live in the hood

February 25th, 2013

I’ve got friends that make fun of me for living in “the hood.” But Downsview really isn’t so bad… I’m still a good two miles away from Jane and Finch.

If you want to watch the full documentary on The Real Toronto: Jane n Finch you can check out parts one and two.

And York University does in fact have a seedy reputation for sex assault on campus. I’m not even making that up.

Still, the purpose of this video was to make light of an exaggerated problem not far from home…

Oh, and I can hear my neighbors bangin’ while I’m uploading this.

Please share the holy hell out of this video. It’s your moral obligation as my friend. (Share buttons below – disabled on mobile)

[click here to watch the video on YouTube]

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Brent Blogs

Don't take life too seriously.