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I love boobies!

August 6th, 2013

Who doesn’t love boobies and booty?

This video not only features a few photo submissions from sexy female fans of Brent Blogs, but also an appearance from Adam at TalkGeektoMe. You should definitely subscribe to his channel.

Real truth? These, of course were not real fan submissions. In order to have authentic fan submissions, I would need to have fans first. But ladies, if you feel like making my day, you’re welcome to send something to me here.

These sets of photos were $5 each courtesy of the following Fiverr users:

I highly recommend you check out any of these three fine ladies. They’ll take pictures to your specifications, they deliver quality work quickly, they’re sexy, and best of all, each gig is only $5!

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[click here to watch the video on YouTube]

Make sure to vote in the comments section below whether you prefer photo group A, B, C, or D – click for a closer inspection:

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Brent Blogs

Don't take life too seriously.